About Me


Emotional Detox Through Tantric – Tao Bodywork

Mal Weeraratne has been working as a Tantra Practitioner for over 20 years and has been pursuing his own development and research into emotional release through body therapy for over 25 years.

Having studied extensively in the field of tantra, bodywork and other healing modalities for nearly three decades, Mal achieved the great accolade of becoming the first Certified Tantra Educator in the UK, from Source School of Tantra, U.S.A.

Mal Weeraratne has pioneered a new approach to emotional release and to treating sexual dysfunction that integrates all of his professional training and experience, called Tantric Journey.

Through Tantric Journey, Mal teaches women how to take control of their sexual energy within their bodies to remove trauma stored in the form of stagnant emotions. Tantric Journey combines ancient knowledge and practices with new ground breaking insights to create a powerful, engineered trauma release technique.

His therapy and treatment influences come from many different areas including:  Tantra, Taoism, bodywork techniques, life pulse massage and energy healing as well as the work of the late Dr. Candace Pert on the origins of emotion and that of Dr. Peter Levine on trauma release.

He is based at and offers therapy sessions from his busy London practice. He also offers training for individuals who wish to learn his ground-breaking emotional release techniques and become therapists; such courses are offered in London, Thailand, Spain and Sri Lanka.

Through his unique work, Mal enables clients to release trapped, obstinate emotions and achieve equilibrium in their mind, body and soul. Indeed, Mal has helped to release many women from their negative emotional restraints and open a new gateway of self-actualization.

His research, dedication and skill in sexual healing and relationship therapy has led him to treating thousands of women from around the world. Mal regularly travels internationally sharing and teaching, his knowledge on Tantra through presentations and training courses.

More about Mal and his ground-breaking work can be found on his website  www tantricjourney.com